Production ofpolyethylene and polypropylene raw materials

We offer a wide range of products and services in the field of production of polyethylene and polypropylene raw materials. Our company specializes in the production and supply of high quality polymer materials, which are widely used in various industries.
  1. Low pressure polyethylene (HDPE):

    HDPE pipes: we produce HDPE pipes of various diameters and strength characteristics, which are used in water supply, sewerage, gas supply, as well as for industrial purposes.
    HDPE film: we produce HDPE film of various thicknesses and sizes, used in food packaging, building materials, as well as in agriculture for film greenhouses and amulets.
    HDPE Products: We manufacture a variety of HDPE products such as buckets, containers, containers and other products for domestic and industrial use.
    High pressure polyethylene (LDPE):

    LDPE film: we produce LDPE film of various thicknesses, which is used in the packaging of goods in production and in trade.
    Bags & Bags: We manufacture LDPE bags in a variety of types and sizes, including handle bags, trash bags, food packaging bags, and more.
    LDPE Products: We also manufacture various LDPE products, such as bag holders, freezer bags, film fittings and other products.
    Polypropylene (PP):

    PP granules: we produce high quality PP granules, which are widely used in the industry for the manufacture of various layers

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Exportpolyethylene and polypropylene raw materials

Our company is actively engaged in the export of polyethylene and polypropylene raw materials to various countries of the world. We offer high-quality polymer materials that meet international standards and requirements.

We export polyethylene raw materials of various grades and types, including HDPE and PVD films, HDPE pipes and products, as well as polypropylene granules. Our polyethylene and polypropylene raw materials are used in various industries, including packaging, construction, automotive and others.

We are ready to cooperate with foreign partners and provide favorable terms of delivery. We guarantee high quality products, timely delivery and professional support at all stages of cooperation.

Our products are trusted by customers around the world, and we are ready to expand our activities to new markets and countries. If you are interested in purchasing polyethylene and polypropylene raw materials, please contact us and we will provide you with more information about our products and services.

Advantages companies

Wide range of products

We offer a wide range of products made of polypropylene and polyethylene in different sizes and shapes.

High quality products

High quality standards, which allows us to produce products that meet the needs of customers and partners

Individual approach to clients

We take into account the needs of each client and offer individual solutions

Prompt delivery

Well-organized logistics and prompt delivery of products to customers

Reliability and stability

Many years of experience in this field. Reliability and stability for partners

Professionalism of employees

High-quality service thanks to highly qualified specialists

Company "KAMIL-PLAST" is a leader in the development and production of polymer composite materials in Turkmenistan.

We occupy a key position in the market for the production of polymer raw materials and the development of composite and polymeric materials in Turkmenistan